Amazing! You Can Rear These Poultry Birds Within a Short Time

Do you want to learn about the different poultry birds you can rear within a short time? Poultry farming is one of the most profitable agricultural businesses in this era, and the trick is to know which poultry birds to rear. Poultry birds are domesticated animals raised for subsistence and commercial purposes, i.e., selling their products) by-products for money. Like other agricultural businesses, you can combine two or more poultry breeds at the same time to increase farm output. However, your choice of poultry breeds depends on a number of factors. This includes your geographical location, cultural belief, budget, and time availability because some poultry birds require more attention than others.

There are several poultry birds for the poultry business. Unfortunately, Chicken is the most commonly reared poultry bird. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Chicken is the easiest bird to rear. But one thing is for sure. You will get a high yield from other poultry birds if you know what and what to do. Other Poultry birds you can rear within a short time include Turkey, Fowl, Pigeons, Geese, and Quail. But before we go ahead, you should know that the different poultry birds require different methods and techniques for production.


As earlier mentioned, chickens are one of the most commonly reared poultry birds in the world. They are reared for their egg and meat, and in some places, they are raised as pets. On average, a hen doesn’t need a rooster to lay eggs and can lay up to 5 eggs in a week. And the best part is that chickens can live up to 8 years. The common breeds of chickens reared are; Rhode Island Red and White, Chantecler, Leghorn, New Hampshire, Sussex, and Orpington.

See the advantages of starting a chicken farm.

  • They provide both eggs and meat
  • They are easy to raise
  • Chicken feed is affordable and easy to source
  • High resistance to diseases
  • Chicken products (eggs and meats) sell fast in the market, so it’s profitable.


Turkeys are large poultry birds, bigger than most of the other domesticated birds. In some parts of the world, Turkeys are used for protection because of their size. Although they produce eggs and hatch within 28 days, turkeys are raised commonly for their meat. Male turkeys are usually bigger than their female counterparts and reach maturity within five weeks. Turkeys can live up to 10 years. 

The Common breeds of Turkeys are Bourbon Red, Blue State, Black Turkey, and Beltsville Small White. 

  • The total cost of production for turkey is high
  • Turkeys are easily marketable.
  • They require plenty of space to thrive.
  • Good management practices are needed to fight against diseases

Guinea fowl

Guinea fowl can be crossbred with other species of poultry to produce hybrid offspring. They help control ticks and insects on the farm and serve as watchdogs for other poultry birds. Guinea fowl start to lay edible eggs at 12 months and hatch in 28 days. At 14 weeks, some breeds of guinea fowls are ready for sale and consumption. Guinea fowl can live up to 15 years. Common breeds of guinea fowl are white guinea fowl, plumed guinea fowl, Helmeted guinea fowl, white-breasted guinea fowl, Numida guinea fowl, and many others.


Geese are multi-purposed birds and have a history of being aggressive. They are good seasonal egg and meat producers, and their feathers are used in textile production. Geese are also used as guards and for weeding activities on the farm. Geese have a lifespan of 30 years, and their maturity age is about 24 months. There’s a need to provide deep enough water for Geese because they need water to swallow their food. Common breeds of geese are; greylag goose, huoyan goose, Kuban, African goose, Chinese goose, Embden, and Toulouse.


Quails are another poultry breeds that are relatively easy to rear. They are mid-sized birds that produce eggs and meat and can live up to three years. Quails feed on insects and sometimes feed on plants. Quails produce over two hundred eggs in a year and hatch them in about 23 days. Because Quails grow quickly, they are ready for processing after 6 weeks. Breeds of common quails are; Ornamental quail, Italian quail, Coturnix, Gambel’s quail, English white quail, etc.


With about 25 eggs produced a year, pigeons are best used for meat production. The breeds of pigeon that are best for eating are squad, wood pigeon, and wild pigeon. Pigeons are easy to rear and highly profitable. They can also be used for sport (racing) and live up to 5 years. Common breeds of pigeons are Fliers, Fancy breed, and Utility breed. 


Ducks are aquatic poultry birds reared for eggs and meat production. Ducks can produce up to three hundred eggs yearly, which they start laying at 6 months. They have an average lifespan of 5 to 10years and have high resistance to diseases. Ducks are less expensive to rear, although they require extensive cleaning to increase production. 

The most common breeds of ducks reared domestically are Cayuga, Muscovy duck, Mallard, Call, Indian Runner, Pekin, and Campbell.


The different poultry breeds that you can rear within a short time, their pros, cons, cost of production, lifespan, feeds, and breeds have been made available in this resource to help poultry farmers decide on which poultry birds to rear. However, you can rear more than one poultry bird at a time if you have the financial capability and time availability. To avoid loss, we recommend that starters begin with rearing one poultry bird before combining the different poultry birds. Also, make sure to check with your locality to know which poultry bird is in high demand before deciding on which poultry bird to rear. You can reach out to us if you need help deciding on what poultry bird to rear. We will be happy to help. 

Good luck!

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