Get Started with these Pig Farm Equipment

The right farm equipment is a pig farmer’s way to success because it saves time, energy, and money. Also, it reduces the labor force and helps to maximize production. So, you can be sure to get the best out of your pig farm when you invest in good pig farming equipment.

By now, you’re probably wondering what equipment is needed in a pig farming business. No pressure there! Here’s the help you need. This resource outlines the equipment needed on a pig farm and its uses. So let’s get started.

Pig Pen

The first thing to put in place when starting a pig farm business is comfortable living conditions. And this is where pig pens fit in. A pig pen can be constructed with different materials like wood and metal. You can decide to buy an already-made pig pen, although it will be more expensive than the one locally constructed.

Pig pens come in different sizes, forms, and styles. Make sure to buy the one that fits your pigs’ requirements. A pig pen should provide enough space for pigs to lie in and move freely. It should also protect them from predators and other external factors.

Feeding Equipment:

The feeding mechanism on a pig farm can be automated or manual. The feed is placed in a feeding tray or container for the pigs in the manual feeding operations. Other alternatives to a feeding tray or container are feeding troughs and carts.

The automated feeding mechanism involves using machines to feed pigs. The feed is regulated by the automated feeding equipment, thereby making it easy to monitor and evaluate the growth rate of the pigs.

The recommended automated feeding equipment for pigs is automatic cylinder feeders and stainless steel feeders. There’s also the feed scale and the feed scope. The feed scale is used to measure the amount of feed given to the pigs, while the scope is used to move feed from where it is stored to the pig pen or the feeding tray.

Ensure proper hygiene regardless of the kind of feeding equipment you decide to use for your pig farm business.

Water trough

The Feral Pig Snare is used to capture a single pig on a pig farm. After being captured, the pig is restricted to a pig snare for medical treatment, weigh-in, or sale. A feral or untamed pig snare is also used to control feral or untamed pigs on the pig farm.

Farrowing crate

A farrowing crate is made especially for farrowing sows. They are kept in a farrowing crate a few days before and after parturition to ensure the safety of the sow and her piglets. What this means is this: The bars in the crate allow the sow only to turn slightly and not injure her newly born piglets, who weigh less than she does. There’s a creep area in the pen where piglets reach and suck from the sow’s teats while the sow lies in the farrowing crate.

Heat source

This is an alternative source of heat on a pig farm. A heat source is needed in pig pens to keep the pigs warm during cold days. So, heating equipment improves the general well-being performance of the pigs. Maintaining the environmental temperature also allows piglets to resist diseases. Examples of heating equipment for pigs are heat lamps and electric heating pads.

Medical tools

Safe and timely medical care does a lot of good for pigs: it increases productivity and reduces the spread of diseases. Pigs need medical attention and health insurance from birth to maturity. And yes, you guessed right. You need to possess hands-on experience with a few medical types of equipment needed for your pig production. Here’s a list of some of the important medical equipment.

Pigtail cutter

At a young age, it is advisable to cut the pigs’ tails to reduce their vulnerability to certain diseases like tail-biting disease. A pigtail cutter helps cut the tails without causing injuries to other parts of the body. The pigtail cutter should be kept clean at all times and sterilized before each use.


A scalpel is used for pig castration, which removes the testes in boars. This process (castration) helps prevent a condition known as “BOAR TAINT” that affects meat quality in matured boars.


It is used to administer injections or vaccines to pigs. Syringes come in different sizes, and they should be used accordingly. Pig size is the major factor determining the size of a syringe to use for an application.  


We have different types of pliers used in pig farming. The side-cutting pliers are used to cut and blunt the tips of pigs’ teeth to prevent accidents when playing. The notching pliers are used to cut the notches on pigs. A tag is attached to pigs’ ears after cutting the notches for easy identification.

Pig Snare

Pig snares are categorized as capturing equipment in the pig farming business. It is also used to restrain pigs during medical operations. You can also use a pig snare to control feral pigs.

You can opt for an already-made pig snare or construct one yourself, depending on your choice. It is easy to construct and assemble. 


The care of pigs, healthy living, feeding, and medical procedures are made easier with the different farm equipment available to pig farmers. You can get this equipment at a reasonable price from agricultural stores near you, or you can ask other pig farmers for help. We are also happy to help you with our expertise. Feel free to reach out to us.

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